Leveraging OpenSource

Leverage on OpenSource Solutions and upstream development with Expertise Solution's customization and support.

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We're Competent

We work with open source development for decades and have worked in the past with each project mentioned

We're Passionate

We deliver the best and modifications get merged upstream, thus clients do not need to care about the costs of forking an open source project

We're Professional

We care about deadlines as much as you do

Our Services

Embedded Linux

Driver development and integration for specialized hardware, fast boot, security and optimizations


Integrate decoders, encoders, subtitles, video and/or audio sources and sinks into feature-full opensource multimedia pipelines


Integrate your multimedia pipeline to AI, be that a cloud service or a TensorFlow implementation

Real-time OSes

Upgrade your microcontroller code and use a Real-Time Operating System: freertos, contiki, zephyr, mynewt

Mobile App Development

Name your language and/or technology for mobile app development and we will develop it for you: JavaScript, C#, C++, Java and etcetera

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